Use of Image Policy


Educational Terms of Use

Macroscopic Solutions has created more than 2,500 original images, which are offered freely to academics, educators and students under creative commons licensing. On behalf of good science, this is to be continued; however, the stipulation being that the end licensee is not permitted to profit monetarily from Macroscopic Solutions content.

Macroscopic Solutions,

Licensing Terms of Use

Macroscopic Solutions has been transferring images to via the downloads section of the website. Images can be downloaded from this section of the website.  It’s important to mention that while only 2% of the total database has been curated thus far, images are added on a daily basis. If you or an entity you know of intends to use Macroscopic Solutions imagery for monetary gain, please check HERE for the image or contact to seek a licensing agreement. Thank you for your patience and understanding, we appreciate your support.

Support the propagation of the information amongst your colleagues by letting them know that Macroscopic Solutions exists and that the files posted in the image database are for public use. Please do not redistribute Macroscopic Solutions images as files on electronic media (Flash drive, CD-ROM, etc.), but refer anyone directly to the image database on the Macroscopic Solutions web page. Thank you.

Copyright Infringement Policy

The following policy has been implemented in an attempt to maintain control over Macroscopic Solutions images.  Unauthorized non-commercial uses of Macroscopic Solutions copyrighted images are subject to DMCA takedown requests without advance notice.  Unauthorized commercial infringements of copyrighted images will be handled by a contracted copyright enforcement organization, which may result in legal action to recover statutory damages as outlined in Title 17, § 504, of the United States copyright laws.

All of the images on are registered copyright with the U.S. copyright office.