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 Why does Macroscopic Solutions donate Macropods to high schools?

The mission of Macroscopic Solutions is not only to aid scientific researchers, but to encourage young students to gain an interest in science. Students should be less intimidated by science, and more excited about learning it! What better way to accomplish this than by showing them beautiful scientific images? The Macropod is a digital learning tool that captures incredible images of details that are too small to be seen by the naked eye, while also maintaining the object’s natural color and context. The Macropod gives students the opportunity to participate interactively, think scientifically and consider a career path in science or engineering after graduating from high school. Macroscopic Solutions has pledged to donate one Macropod to a deserving high school for every ten units sold.

donationsphoto2donationsphotoWhat kind of projects can be done with the Macropod?

Students could collect five specimens from an outdoor location. Each specimen is associated with the GPS coordinates to mark its source location. The teacher’s responsibility is to image the collected specimens and redistribute the photos for analysis. Students will then need to write a report. The report should include a description and definition of the object, some information explaining why the object was found where it was, and an unexpected detail that they observed.

This type of project will expose students to new ideas and the reports they generate will be used to answer real problems in science, which they will be acknowledged for. Macroscopic Solutions urges you to submit these reports to our website as references for other participating school. Scientists can also review and revise the reports. This type of project will provide opportunities for students and scientists to work together, while digitizing scientific collections.


Selecting a High School:

To determine which high schools will receive a Macropod, we rely on information provided from interested groups. Please provide information about the school that you are supporting. This is done by downloading and completing one of the following PDF forms and submitting it to info@macroscopicsolutions.com:


Choose the form below that best applies to you:

If you are a teacher, administrator, or other faculty member applying to get a Macropod, you should complete the Application Form.


If you are someone (e.g. student/parent) nominating a teacher, administrator, or other faculty member from a school that you believe should have a Macropod, then you should complete the Nomination Form.